The teething problems

Teething happens between 6 – 24 months old baby. It is the time when the infant’s teeth erupt the gum. There are several signs and symptoms when the baby is started teething. Some may call it the teething problem because the baby started to feel uncomfortable, irritable, have fever, cough, diarrhea and the likes. It is indeed a problem because some babies always cry and want to be carried always. That is what I have experienced from my nephews and nieces. It was the difficult stage of the baby and me. I include myself because I get so tired taking care of the baby during teething for I have to deal with the teething problems.

As of the moment, my eight (8) months old niece is started teething. She feels the discomfort, has the fever and wants to be carried all the time. One tooth is already showing and the other one is started to come out. Her gums are swollen that makes her feel uncomfortable. Carrying the niece the whole day is making me so tired. If they have a nanny I do not have to do it all alone. Anyways, I hope that the niece will be free from this teething problems. And I beg the teeth to just come out and do not give the niece a hard time. Please be a friend to her.