Family summer outing

I have said in my other post about the family summer outing plans. I am happy to say that we had our family outing last Sunday. I have picked a resort and is not too far and budget friendly. We had our summer outing at Bay Coronon Beach Resort at Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. It is really a nice place and has four swimming pools. Two for the adults and two for the kids. The kids are having fun and enjoying the water. It is nice to have a break and having fun away from the busy city. Not like the previous summer outing, we did not stay overnight because of our little angel, Lian and my father did not like the idea to stay overnight.

It was a memorable summer outing of the family, unfortunately, we are not complete. The older brother and his wife, the younger brother and his wife and kids did not make it. They have a earlier engagement that cannot be canceled that is why they did not come to our summer family outing. I just shared some photos on social media to keep them updated. Even if we are not complete, we still enjoyed the summer outing and we will treasure this moment. I promised to go back there again with the family. I will make sure that in our second time to go there, the family is complete so it will be more enjoyable and memorable.

If you are planning to have a family outing you should consider visiting Bay Coronon Beach Resort. It is nice and budget friendly.