78th Birthday of my Aunt

Yesterday, we were invited at the 78th birthday of my aunt. It is the first that she will be celebrating her birthday in an extravagant way. She cried because she did not expect an extravagant celebration. Actually, her kids wanted to surprise her and shows their love and care to her especially now that the aunt is forgetful. She often forgets the name of her kids, her siblings and other relatives. She can’t barely recognize and can’t see clearly because of diabetes. She can recognize us once we speak. My aunt shows the signs of Alzheimer’s disease. It needs a lot of patience when you are talking to her.

Anyways, the celebration went well. All invited person comes especially the one she requested, her younger sister. We heard a never-ending thank you from her. Told us that we made her very happy on her birthday. I am so happy that she enjoyed her day. She laughed a lot, dance and sing. It remember my late mother seeing her. Only if my mom stayed longer we would have celebrate her 69th birthday and mother’s day as well. Again happy birthday to my aunt, I wish you good health and pray that God will give you more birthdays to celebrate. Keep smiling and be happy always! xoxo