Me, the wedding planner

Yes, you read it right. My new profession now is a wedding planner, for my older brother’s wedding.haha! I so loved my new profession and I am so excited to plan for the older brother’s wedding this July. My brother called me and asked if I could help him in the preparation of his wedding. My older sister will process their documents since the brother is busy and live far from us and I will do the listing on the things to buy, to do and need for their big day. I started to do the listing on the things needed for their wedding. I also put the tentative amount of each. When I am done I will show is to my brother for him to approve or disapproved.

The brother wants a simple wedding. If possible he do not want to spend more because his wife is two months pregnant. He needs to save for the coming of their first born. It would be a difficult job for me as their wedding planner (giggles) because I need to do find a store/shop that offers less. However, this would be a challenging job for me. Thank to my brother for this job because I learned from it and I gather lots of information regarding the wedding preparation. I so loved this temporary job of mine. Good luck to me and I hope I will served and satisfy my new client as wedding planner. LOL!