Glad it is holiday

Today is May 1, and it only means the holiday in the country because we are observing/celebrating the Labor Day. It is a long weekend to all workers. Parents who are both working will have more time to spend with their family and kids. It is bonding time I must say. Early this morning my brother went to the beach after doing his exercise, and he saw people and families going to the beach. We will pass going to the beach today because the heat of the sun is no joke. It will surely be burned your skin. We will still go swimming this month for our summer bonding and getaway when the sun is less angry.haha!

Anyways, I am glad that it is a holiday today. I have more time to rest for I do not have to watch the kids because my sister and brother is here to watch their kids. I grabbed this chance to update my blogs. it has been days since the last updates of my blogs. I am always lacking time to sit down and write because the kids took my time. When the kids are sleeping, I grabbed the chance to sleep and rest. I do not have the power to write at night because I dozed off after watching my favorite shows on television. This afternoon, I will go to the mall with my sister and her two kids. I hope to finish my updates today.