Skipped going to the beach this year

During Easter Sunday, the family usually go to the beach. That is how we celebrate Easter. But this year, we decided to skipped going to the beach and just stay at home. As expected the kids did not like it. They are sad and teary eyes because they are excited to go to the beach. They are jealous because some of their friends are going to the beach. As always, we have to make them understand why we did not go to the beach. Told them that we will go to the beach some other time. And because we did not go to the beach, we have a simple feast at home so the kids will not get sad. We have their favorite fries too.

Anyways, the real reason we opted to stay at home is because of the series of earthquakes happens. We are scared that something might happen anytime while at the beach. We are being negative, but it is better to be safe than sorry always. This is not the perfect timing to go to the beach. The series of earthquakes really scares us especially the so called the big one. We pray though that it will not happen and God will always there to protect the people from calamities. Even though we stayed at home and celebrates Easter at home, it is still fun because we are able to rest and spend time at home plus we only spent the small amount of money.