Praying for the nephew’s health

My eight years old nephew is very sickly lightly. He has attacked by a severe cough and on and off fever. My SIL is so worried because the temperature went as high as 39.2-degree celsius and the nephew is chilling. We have him checked for several doctors because we want the second opinion of his condition. We have been told that there is something wrong with his urine. The red blood cells in his urine are really high. One doctor says its UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), so we undergo treatment. After the medication, the urinalysis result is not normal. Something is really wrong with the nephew’s condition.

Yesterday, the nephew has a fever again. My SIL brought him to the doctor again. Again, undergo laboratory test and advised us to consult a nephrologist. The doctor said that something is wrong with his kidney. Hearing it made us thought of the worse condition of the nephew. Lots of negative thoughts that enters our mind especially the SIL (nephew’s mother). Though we do not know what is his condition yet. The nephew has to undergo five laboratory tests first. We are sad, worried and confused about the nephew’s condition. But we tried to think positively and pray that the nephew’s health is okay and not serious. Prayer is powerful medicine, that is why we are praying so hard. Lord God heal my nephew. Amen!