Mental and Ability Skills Examination

Today is the scheduled mental and ability skills examination or non-verbal examination at the school he currently studying. The examination is to determine their skills. Also, to check if he is ready to enrolled in Grade 1 next school opening. The teacher just informed us yesterday. It was an abrupt announcement. We do not know how they are going to test my nephew. His mother (my sister) and my nephew did study basic last night though so the nephew won’t get nervous or for him to have an idea. We just hope for the better result of my nephew’s examination.

When I fetched him from school, I asked the nephew of how was the examination. He is confidently said that it is easy and he easily answered the questions. Yes, I smiled because he did not have a hard time on their examination (hope he is telling the truth).LOL We prayed that the nephew will passed the examination so he can still study at the school he is studying right now. His verbal and written examination (Baseline test) will be on March 4, 2017. Another study lesson with his mother soon. Hopefully he will passed all the test because he is so exited to enroll in grade 1. Good luck nephew. We know you can do it! God bless!