Simple Family Gathering

Our first day of the year as very memorable to us because we started with simple family gathering. We went to the house of my aunt and uncle to celebrate new year’s day with them together with our other relatives. It was a blast because we shared our favorite foods, sing-a-long, laughed a lot and many others. We haven’t done this for quiet awhile because we got busy and some other relatives has misunderstanding. It is not good to conduct family gathering when other relatives is not in good terms (ahhmmm….I am one of them). Well, one thing is for sure, I did not start it.haha!

I am glad that my father, aunts, and uncle decided to have a family gathering last January 1, 2017. We did have a great family bonding. It feels really good to see everybody smiling and no quarrels. I must say that it is so wonderful to start the year with joy, love, and peace with your family and relatives and then to the community. I am also relieved that the misunderstanding and issues I had with my cousin for six long years is now finally over. We can move on with our life without no hurt feelings. Thanks to my family, relatives, especially to God for this wonderful day. Happy New Year everyone!