Happy to see his improvement

My nephew is three years and five months old but still can’t utter a word. The sister is so worried thinking that something is wrong with her son. We brought him to two different pediatrician and tell us to go to developmental pediatrician and it worsen the feeling of my sister. In her mind her son is an autistic. I am sad too but I do not think my nephew is an autistic. I still believe that he is just late bloomer. He is lack of attentiveness because of the people around him while he is growing. Three different nannies in a year is a big reason why the nephew is like this. I also think that these nannies does not teach him or does not communicate with him. My nephew is like deaf and mute. He is not answering or looking at you when he is called.

Before bringing him to the developmental pediatrician, I told the sister to enrolled him first at the nursery class. There he will be able to be with other kids and play with other kids. We do not care of the academic, we are more focus on him communicate with other kids/people and to us. It was very difficult at first and I trust it all to the teacher. After six months, I can see improvement of my nephew. He is not shy anymore, we can talk to him and he is paying attention when his name called. I am so happy seeing him improving. Good job nephew, way to go. We are so proud of you. We do not need to go to the development pediatrician.