Feeding program at school

This week is a feeding program at school were my three-year old nephew enrolled.  Parents  assigned to do the cooking and feeding the kids.  The teacher divides us in five groups and gives us the menu too.  The menu is easy to cook because most of it are vegetables.  The problem is that the kids does not like to eat vegetables that much.  We do to make it look delicious to them and appealing so that they will eat it.  Based from my experienced at home, it is difficult for me to persuade the nephews and nieces to eat vegetables.  But they have no choice because I am the boss they have to obey me.haha!

My group assigned to cook boiled egg dip in a sauce with carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic and red bell pepper.  It is very easy, we just have to slice the carrots and potatoes very thinly so that the kids will eat it.  And we have to really cook it so it is very easy to chew.  As expected the kids did not eat the carrots and potatoes but still we are glad that they like the taste of the sauce and ate the boiled egg.  The kids went home smiling because their stomachs are full.  The feeding program at school is indeed fun.  Also, cooking is surely fun.  I have new recipes to add in my cookbook.

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