Due to water interruption

Yesterday, I woke up early because I am planning to do my laundry. I have load of laundry again because I did not able to finish it because my sister gave birth and I am assisting her. So I have loads of laundry to do after I got home. I woke up early so I finish early too only to find out that there is no water. Yes, we have water interruption yesterday. I am angry because there is no notice that there will be a water interruption. It ruined my day yesterday I must say. I did not fill our container with water.

I got bored waiting for the water to come back but it did not. It was 3:00 in the after and still no water. Since I can’t do my laundry I have to do something to make my day fruitful. I am looking at the four corners of our home and think of something to do. Then I decided to clean my room. It’s not that dirty, just that I think I need to make some changes in my room. While cleaning, I noticed that the closet and the drawer is messy. Well, my nephews and nieces doings because they like to stay in my room. My day yesterday went fruitful, it is like making something out of nothing. In a way I am thankful to water interruption. Now my room is less messy.