Thank you Lord for the safe delivery

Today my sister delivered a healthy baby girl under C-Section. Last minute the sister is so worried and nervous. She did not know why she just felt it when they are on their way to the hospital. Maybe because she knows what’s going to happen. It is her third time to deliver a baby via C-Section, so I guess her worries and nervous comes from that thought also she keeps on saying that she is old. She is scary because of her age. haha! As her sister and her best friend, I am always here to give my comforting advice. I am making sure that I give the advice that would make her feel relax. Well, I just happen to know how to make her feel relax and okay.

Anyways, this post is for God for the safe delivery and operation of my sister. Thank you Lord for always there to guide her, protect her and answering her prayers and wishes. My sister is now recovering, I pray that she will recover fast so she can drink water and eat solids too. She is complaining earlier that she is so thirsty and hungry, but she has to endure it for her safety. The funny thing is that she wakes up and said she dreamed of lots of foods and water in front of her.haha! Be patient sister, foods and water will always be there waiting for her. Recover fast and God bless!