She sure is the sweetest

Every Friday is my schedule of doing my laundry.  But because I am not feeling well I did not able to do my laundry.  It makes me sad seeing my loads of laundry but I am so weak to do it.  I decided to my laundry this week.  Yesterday when the niece is doing her laundry, I asked her if she could include my jeans to lighten up my laundry.  I was not expecting her to say yes because I have asked her before already but she said no.  I am just testing her yesterday.  And I am surprised that she said yes.  And told me that she will do all my laundry.

I am the happiest aunt I must say because of my niece gesture.  She sure is the sweetest, though most of the time she is stubborn.haha!  I can say that she is becoming more responsible now and I can count on her.  I rest well yesterday, also stress free because my laundry is done.  Big thanks to my niece for helping me doing my laundry.  I hope that she will become more responsible daughter, niece, big sister to her siblings so that her parents will be so happy that we raised a good child.  Keep up the good works niece, you’re making me so proud of you.  Be good and hope stubbornness will be gone for good.

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