Happy to see the development

The nephew started schooling at the age of three. He started very young because his mother wants him to be with other kids because he is lack in human interaction. We already brought him to the pediatrician because of his slow development. At his age, he cannot speak well and he can’t do eye to eye contact. My sister (nephew’s mom) is so worried of the behavior of his son. Even if I told her that his son is normal, just that his developments are slow still she is worried. She went to the developmental pediatrician to have his son check up. They already have an appointment but I refused to bring the nephew there. Instead I suggested to enroll the nephew in the nursery class.

It has been three months now since the nephew attending a nursery class. First two months is really difficult but I extended my patience and praying that my nephew will show developments now that he can interact with other kids. Fortunately the nephew shows developments and I am happy to see it. He can communicate to us now and will answer when he asked. I am so glad that he is improving. We do not have to bring him to the developmental pediatrician. I hope that the development and improvement of the nephew will continue so he will be ready when enrolled in kindergarten next year. Way to go nephew I know and believe that you can do it.