Baby Girl It Is

The sister is the happiest mother on earth when she found out that she is pregnant to her third baby. She and her husband has been trying to have another child and praying to have a baby girl. They have two sons already and they are seeking for a princess in the house since my sister is the queen.haha! As the baby is growing inside her womb, we keep on praying that it is a baby girl. This is what the sister is wishing for and praying to God always. She is a C-section and can only have three babies, so hopefully she will have a baby girl this time. Can’t wait to finally have gender ultrasound of the little angel inside the sister’s womb.

Yesterday, was the day we all have been waiting for. The gender ultrasound of the baby was yesterday. I am so excited to know the baby’s gender. I go with my sister because I want to know the gender first and I like to be the first person to congratulate her. It was an answered prayer and we are so thankful to God because the sister will finally have baby girl. Baby girl it is! Thank you very much God for this wonderful blessing. Indeed you love my sister very much for she always got what she prayed for. Continue to bless her Lord and I pray that the sister will give a healthy baby girl, also praying for her safe delivery in two months .