It’s good to see you again ladies


During weekend, I preferred to stay at home that going out. I like to take the opportunity to take a lot of sleep and rest to regain my energy from taking care of the kids. Especially now that I get easily tired because I am not getting any younger. Though sometimes I like to go out and unwind when I get bored at home or I felt that the home is so noisy. I like to be away from the kids sometimes and have my me time. I mean, I need to pamper myself sometimes. It feels good too to go out and enjoy the life of being single.

Last Sunday, a friend who is on vacation wants to meet. It has been three years I think when we had our first meeting. I am so excited to see her again with my other friends. It was a great bonding I must say. We talked a lot of things, smile and laugh, eating, and the likes. It was fun I must say. Thanks for the treat Claire, for the free rides Mary Anne, and Kat. The foods are sumptuous. No time for diet last Sunday. haha! It was really nice seeing you again ladies. Thanks for the friendship as well. Till our next meet up.