Excited of the gender

This is it! This is the month that I have waited for. Why? Because this is the month that my sister will going to have her ultrasound for the gender of the little angel inside her womb. We are so excited to know the gender of the new member of the family. We hope and pray it will be a girl because the sister has two sons already. It would be an answered prayer if it is a girl. I am so excited too because I really missed having a baby in the side. I missed carrying baby in my arms.

Next week is the sister have her doctor’s appointment and she will get the doctor’s/OB’s request for ultrasound. Just like her two sons, I go with her during the gender ultrasound. For the third time I want to go too. I already told the sister that I am going to go with her because I want to be the first one to know the gender. I can’t wait for the day of the ultrasound. I really wish that it’s a baby girl. The sister also wish it is a girl because she wants to have princess in their house since she is the queen.lol