Another angel coming up

We have an unexpected visitors today at home. My sister-in-law dropped by this afternoon. She usually message us if she is going to visit us. But today no message from her. My father, sister and I are in the middle of our conversation when we heard a voice outside our house calling our attention. When the sister checked who is outside, it was our sister-in-law. Visiting us wasn’t in her plans today. She went to the home mortgage for their house filing the documents when she thought of visiting us. We are surprised and of course happy because she finds time to visit us despite her busy schedule for today. We seldom see her and my brother and their son because they live very far from us. Despite the distance they still finds time to visit us especially our father.

Even though she is alone visiting us, still we are glad because she thought about us. Aside from the surprise visit, she also told us that she is two months on the way. Yes, another angel is coming up. Another angel will be added to our family tree. We are so happy for them especially me for I keep on teasing them to make another baby, preferably a girl.LOL! Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law and thank you God for this wonderful gift.