Not allowed to stay anymore

The three months grace periods of allowing the parents to stay inside the classroom is over. The teacher announce lastFriday that parents are not allowed anymore to stay inside the classroom so the kids will learn to be independent. Some parents are worried because they can’t leave their kids for it will surely cry. They can’t leave their kids just yet for they want to look if they kid/s are doing the activity, to see if their kids are well-behave, and their kids knows what to do like to get the notebooks, going to the bathroom and to wash their hands at recess time. I do understand the parents because I can’t leave my nephew just yet, but we have to accept it for the kids sake.

I am confident to leave my nephew though for it will not cry as long as he can still see me. My concern is that the nephew is lack of focus and concentration. He will for sure not going to listen to his teacher because he likes to roam around the classroom and play with the toys there. He has tantrums too if he can’t get what he wants. That worries me much. I am confident though that the teacher will do her duties to control the kids and has the patience in handling different kids of kids behavior. Goodluck to my nephew. I pray they he will do good without my supervision and will participate in their writing activity at school.