First two weeks at school

I have mentioned in my other post that my three (3) year old nephew is now at preschool just like his older brother. We decided to do it at a young age so the nephew will develop social awareness at a young age. Also for him to be able to communicate with other kids. My nephew is very poor in communication. He is exposed to television and playing with gadgets. We admit it is our fault. We almost brought him to the developmental pediatrician but decided to send him to school and see if there is development. If none, we will pursue going to developmental pediatrician.

Anyways, my nephew’s first two weeks is tiring. I can’t force him to just sit down and focus because he likes to run and walk around the classroom. He is like a supervisor in their class.haha! But in all fairness he does take part in their class when I tell him. He writes but his own, I must he mastered the cobweb kind of writing.haha He also put colors on their drawing activity. So far the nephew is doing good. And recognized colors during their color identification oral participation. I do really hope that he will develop more and start to do conversation with his classmates. Good job Andrei for sure you will make us all proud.