Teaching her how to iron her school uniforms

My niece is growing so fast. I can’t believe that she is turning 13 next month. And this means one thing, I am getting older and older.LOL! Anyways, now that she is growing older I always reminded her to be a responsible human being. I never forget to tell to be a good role model to her younger siblings. As much as possible I want her to be a good example. That is why I am giving her chores at home. Also told her to reduce playing outside because she is now a teenager. She should stay at home and help her parents in doing household chores. It is not easy to teach her because she likes to play and stay outside to be with her friends.

Our latest lesson this week is teaching her how to iron her school uniforms. At first she did not like it but I told her that no one will do it for her. She has to know how to iron her uniforms. And she can’t be dependent to her parents all the time. She has to learn doing her stuffs so that when her parents is not around, she can do it on her own. My way of convincing her is telling her our life back then. I told her that I learn doing these stuffs because my mother (her grandmother) died when I was nine (9). Telling my experiences in the past does help me convincing her. Hopefully my niece will grow up a very responsible person.