Successfully added new card

Three years ago I made a mistake in adding my debit card to my PayPal account. It cost me a lot to apply for another card because my existing account is void because I deleted it after adding the replacement card. It was my first time then and I did not ask from my blogger friends of what to do. I just follow the instruction online. It was the mistake that I regret a lot. I should have ask help from blogger friends who is ahead of me of what to do in adding a replacement card. Though it was a bad experience I learned a lot from that mistake and promise to not commit the same mistake again.

Now my card is three years already and it is time to get a replacement. I surrender the old card to my bank to get a new one. After getting the new card, I did not add it yet. I seek help from blogger friends but I doubted it because it seems like I am doing the same things three years ago. I am so scared to do it by myself. Good thing I have a friend who is an expert I must say for she has blogged for years. I asked for help and she help me in adding my card. In fact she is the one adding it to my PayPal account and it is successfully added. Thank you very much GAGAY for the help. God bless you more.