Thanks for the invites

Last Saturday, May 28, 2016 was the Christening of my niece’s son. The family were invited to join the celebration. It was a great event because almost all the relatives are there celebrating with them. To me it was like a family reunion. I saw my aunts, uncle, cousins, nephews, nieces, close family friends, and many others. The event was lot of fun. It was an event to remember and treasure forever I must say. The celebration is at the private resort. And it is an overnight celebration. Everyone is happy especially the kids after seeing the pool.

It was like a summer outing of the family. The kids are having fun swimming at the pool. The really love to swim and be in the water. Too bad my two brothers and their family was not able to come for some reasons. We did have a good time talking, laughing, singing, eating, etc…with the relatives and some friends. The foods are great. Since I don’t drink I keep myself busy with the foods especially the sweets. Surely my past time will make me gain more weight but I do not care as long as I am happy and contended. Again, thanks for the invites. And thanks for the sumptuous foods on the table.