Home sweet home

After nine (9) days of vacation in the province of my parents now I am back.  I am missing home.  I missed everyone at home especially my bed, my room, my pillows, everything.  Every time I am away these are the things that I so missed, especially my bed.  At the province I sleep on the floor.  When I lay down, I think of my queen size bed back home.LOL  I am not complaining, I am just saying.haha!  I am glad now that I am home.  When I arrived, I took a lot of sleep because I was not able to sleep well at the bus and at the vessel.

The was so tiring but worth it because I am able to rest well away from the busy city.  I am able to be with nature more.  Indeed life at the province is simple but fun.  And there is peace and quiet.  I did go to beach, which I like the most.  I did not mind the hot weather and heat of the sun because I am having fun swimming.  I am enjoying the white sand beach at the province.  The vacation is over.  I am back to the city life.  And happy to be back home.  My home sweet home.  Hoping to be back again at the province with the family.

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