Sunday is Fun Day and Family Day

Yes, a bit late post here. Well, I just can’t find time to write because of the offline duties that I have to take care of. Even if this is two days late, still I want to share the bonding that the family did last Sunday. It is special because it was an abrupt decision. The sister and I suppose to be watching a movie. We will have a movie date. My brother and his family is invited to a birthday celebration. And father will be going to the house blessing of his friend. In short, we have different agenda on that day. But first, we went to the church attend a mass to give thanks to God for the wonderful day and weekend.

After church, we are busy preparing for our agenda when the father told us to go with him at his friend’s house blessing. We are surprised and did not answer him right away. The house blessing is at the farm. And it made us decide to go with him. It would be nice to go out and spend the day at the farm. Free from pollution and free from busy and noisy city. Our decision was worth. The farm is so quiet, the kids are having fun running on the farm, looking at farm animals and looking at the tress and flowers. We smell fresh air I must say. Life at the farm is really nice indeed. But I do not seen myself living in the quiet place for now.haha! Anyways, thanks for the invites, the foods are sumptuous. Also thanks for the free rides. Our Sunday is full of fun and we have our great family bonding at the farm.