His 69th Birthday

My father celebrates his 69th birthday five days ago. This is a bit late but I want to share still the little celebration we had during the 69th birthday of my father. The plan of the sister to go out have dinner outside was not push through because the brother does not like the idea. To him, going outside with kids is tiring and trouble.LOL! Trouble because the kids would surely running here and there. We will not be able to concentrate. And the brother has a point. We can do it when the little ones grow a bit older, the right age to enjoy with us and have fun.

The celebration is very simple. The father invited his close friend only because it is a family celebration. The father does not want an extravagant one either. His only wish is that we are complete and his good health. His wish did come true because my two brothers who lives far from us arrives and celebrate with us. In fact they are the one buying the foods for the father’s birthday and cooked his favorite foods. Also, the birthday cake for the kids. The father was the happiest man in the world during his special day. We had lots of fun, laughter, singing and savoring the foods on the table. Thanks to my brothers and SIL for the sponsorship/treat. Again, Happy Birthday father and I wish you good health, long life and happiness.