Expecting another angel

It is my sister’s wish to have another baby, baby girl to be exact. She has two sons already and she thought of having a baby girl, the princess in the family since she is the queen. I also told her to have a baby girl because it would be nice to have baby girl in the family. Because she really wanted to have a baby girl, she consulted an obegyne to ask for a way on how to make a baby girl. I find it funny but I hope that it will work out because I want her to have a baby girl.

After months of trying, the sister is finally pregnant on their third baby. A blessing from up above. I am so happy for her. She is claiming it is a baby girl this time. Yes, we are claiming it. The little angel it two months old already. I am so excited for her. I really missed having a baby at home. Now I understand why the sister is nagging at me lately, it seems like she always wakes up in the wrong side of the bed. When she told me last week that she is expecting their third angel, I am so happy. I pray that the little angel is a girl. Hopefully she can use the name of the baby girl that she is preparing since her first born.