Fruitful Holidays

Doing some changes at home is what I love to do when I am bored and feel lonely. This is how I keep myself busy to cope up with the boredom and loneliness. Lately, I thought of giving our house a new look. I have thought about it for days because I can’t think of look that will make the house spacious. I felt the house is so crowded even if we do not have lots of stuffs at home. The kids keeps my mind fully occupied that is why I am stuck. I need to do general cleaning at home but can’t because of the kids. I so wish to have at least two days of peace at home so I can pursue the changes that I want to do at home.

Because of the city’s anniversary, there is two (2) days non-working holidays. It is an answered prayers because I can start the changes at home. I started cleaning the closet, throw unwanted stuffs, and giving away the things that we no longer use like old clothes. It was a fruitful holidays for me because I accomplished something at home. It is not enough though, but at least I have started. This weekend I plan to continue the general cleaning and this coming holy week. Hopefully I will be able to give the house new look. What look? I do not know yet, I have to clean first and think of the rest after the general cleaning. I have to take a good rest for a bit now. Good luck to me.