Excited on their big day

It was an answered prayer when the older brother finally found the girl of his dreams. He never gives up despite the many heartaches he experience in the past. Four painful relationship is not easy, but my brother is so strong to never give up to love again. He never stop searching, loving and praying that one day God will give him the girl he deserves. True enough, God gave him the girl for him. The four hurtful experiences was paid off. Seeing my brother so happy makes me so happy too. I pray that their relationship will grow stronger and they will love each other forever.

Yesterday, they paid a visit. My father is so happy of their good news. The brother and his girlfriend is planning to settle down this year. It is a good news indeed and I am so excited. They told us some details of their wedding plan. The wedding will be at the province of the brother’s fiancee. It will be a long travel for us, but worth it because it is the brother’s future is at stake.haha! We like to travel too, so it would be fun. The day of the wedding is not fix yet, but definitely it will be this year. I would like to congratulate them in advance. Best wishes to both of you and I pray that God will blessed you with lots of kids and happy life. Congratulations in advance again!