Little thing for myself

When I started blogging, it is become a habit for me to buy something for myself every month. It is my way of pampering myself for working so hard. I do not mind if it is cheaper as long as I have an investment after receiving my monthly earning. However, when my blogging earning is very slow I stopped this habit because I opted to save the money I earned so that when rainy days comes, I have something in my wallet. My priority is to save money for my internet bill every month. I missed buying something for myself though but I have to refrain myself from doing it.

It is really true that promises are made to be broken, because I broke my promise not to buy things that is not important. I broke my promised to save than to spend. Well, I just thought of giving myself a little pampering. It has been a while since the last time I did it. Anyways, I bought myself a bracelet. It is not so expensive though but it feels so good to buy something from the money I earned. And I deserved to pamper myself sometimes. Forgive me for violating my promise. I will try my hardest to stop myself from doing it again for the time being. When blogging career picks up, I can have this habit back.