My sister is the sweetest

Yes, this is a bit late but still want to post my valentine’s day celebration. Anyways, my sister is my valentine’s day date ever since. But when she got married, I do not have a date on this day for five years. Of coarse I do understand because she is married now and has new life together with her husband and kids. I just so missed the times when the sister and I go out for a date on valentine’s day. In fairness to my sister, we still go out when she has time to have sister bonding. She still find time to go out with me, makes me feel loved and special.

My valentine’s day this year is memorable one. I did not expect that my sister thought of giving me chocolates. I felt like crying when the sister called me, said happy valentine’s day to me and handed to me chocolates. My sister is the sweetest I must say. Even though I do not have special someone and have not receive roses on this day, the most important is that my valentine’s day partner ever since gave me chocolates. Thank you very much sister for the thought and the chocolates. Love you always!