My Family’s weird dreams

Today is Sunday. As usual I am starting my day by going to church. I was heading to the bathroom when my father called me and told me about his dream last night. My father’s dream made me smile because his dream is me getting married. Funny isn’t it? He seldom shares his dreams but today he is sharing it to me because he dreamed of me getting married to a very small man. He said, in his dreams he said ‘why’. Why I am marrying a dwarf like guy. My father also wondering why he has that dreams. It even more funnier because the other day my older sister saw me in her dream getting married too. The weird thing is that she can’t see clearly the face of the guy. The face is so blurry to be exact. And when the guy came closer to her, she woke up.

The weird dreams of my father and sister happens just this week (today and the other day). Made me wondering what are they thinking before going to bed to have this kind of dreams. Maybe they thought of me getting married because all of my siblings are married and I am still single. Well, dreams do happens in real and I wish that their dreams of me getting married will happen this year, but please God not to a short guy, at least 1 inch taller than me.haha! And not blurry face. *wink

I want to believe that their dreams has meanings and I want to know. Is their anyone here knows how to interpret their dreams? *smiles*