Thank you for the gift

I celebrated my 37th birthday yesterday. I started the day by going to church and offered a mass to give thanks for the gift of life. I thank God for the 37th years of life. Anyways, I do not have any plans aside from going to church. I do not have budget to have a simple celebration. I already told my family that I do not have money. I wanted to celebrate my special day quietly. I want to go to mall to unwind but my father gets angry so I opted to take rest and sleep because I need it much.

Anyways, my younger brother with his wife and son arrived to surprise me on my special day. They bought foods and cake that make my day extra special. I am so touched because I did not expect that my day would be a special day. A day that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. I thank them for coming and the wonderful treat. I appreciate it very much. I know my thank you is not enough, but still I want to extend my warmest thanks for making my day memorable. Also, I want to say thank you to my friend for the unexpected gift. Thank you all for all the efforts and love it makes me feel I am special. God bless you all.