Happy 3rd Birthday

My beloved nephew Andrei turns three (3) years old yesterday. We have a little celebration at their abode. Her mother invited some friends, neighbors, and relatives enough to make the celebration a memorable one. Also, a thanksgiving celebration for Andrei’s good health and bubbly three years life. As usual, the older brother and I are the chef cook. The birthday party’s motif is blue and white and spider man. Spider man because the available cake they ordered.LOL It is fine though since the nephew like spider man a bit.

The party started with a pray over of the celebrant. The pray over is to ask God to give the celebrant a good life, guide always, and good health. And giving thanks to God for his life. Even though some invited guests did not able to come, still the celebration is memorable. The traditional blowing of candles on the cake, giving of loath bags, slicing of cake and savoring the foods prepared on the table.

Anyways, I wish the celebration all the best in life. I wish that he will grow up a good person, God fearing one, friendly, and continue being bubbly. Lastly, I wish that he will speak soon because I am really excited to have a simple conversation with him. God bless always nephew and knows that we love you very much! Happy Birthday!