Thank you 2015

Before I say hello and welcoming 2016, I would like to say thank you to 2015. The year 2015 has been very good to me and to my family. The family receives lots of blessings from God. We encounter several problems, trials, and difficulties but we are able to overcome it. These things make the family stronger and hold tighter to continue living. There are instances that we want to give up and back out but through prayers we still standing and face it with full strength that comes from God. Also, 2015 makes the family closer together for we spend more time together, I mean quality time.

The year 2015 is not that good for my blogging career but still it is fruitful. My blogs are able to survive the year. There are times that I want to quit and give up some of my blogs because of the lack of writing jobs. However, unexpected writing jobs from direct advertisers come that helps me decide not to quit. Indeed, some things happen on an unexpected day and time. My blogs survives another year and will welcome new year. I am praying for prosperous blogging life this 2016. I promise to not be lazy this 2016, to get more blogging opportunity. God bless my blogging life. AMEN!