Our Christmas Tree is Up

If I were to decide, I would not want to put up the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree last year fell so many times because of the kids. They are not contented by just looking at it. They wanted to touch it and grab the Christmas balls. I have to be alert always to keep the safety of the tree. Funny is that the kids are watching me, and if I am not looking they will touch and grab it again. Kids are kids, the more you tell them not to touch it, the more they’ll get curious. If the tree could talk, it will probably say enough. LOL

But because the kids are bugging me almost everyday, I decided to put up the Christmas tree yesterday. They are get jealous of the decorations, the Christmas tree and lights at the neighbors house. It took me three hours to make it done because the nephews (ages 2 and 4) are also too busy playing with the Christmas balls and asking me lots of whys. They keep me busy putting the Christmas tree and answering their out of nowhere questions.haha! These two gremlins always makes my day exciting and colorful. But I do love their curiosity always. Don’t grow up so fast kiddos.