Thanks for the recognition

Every time my nieces and nephews has projects and assignments at school, I always help them if they asked me. This is because I see myself in them back when I was still studying. I do not have anyone to help me do my assignments, homework and projects. My father is busy at work, my mother passed away when I was nine (9), and my brothers and sister are busy with their own issues. There are times that I cry because no one is helping me. But I do not have regrets then because it made me stronger and better person. I learned to be independent at early age.

My experiences back then isn’t easy, that is why I always there to lend a hand to my nieces and nephews. My niece who is 12 years old always shares to me her life at school and what they do. I am always updated to be exact. Just recently, she told me that their teacher asked them to make an essay and the them is, “the person they are thankful for”. The niece told me that her essay is all about me. I am speechless and so touch. I didn’t know that the niece is always thankful for every thing that I did to her. Well, she is not vocal so I am surprised. Anyways, thank you niece for the recognition. I am not expecting it. I am really touch!