Wish you good health and long live

Tomorrow is the second birthday of my nephew. Times flies really fast, I must say. They are living very far from us. We are so excited because we will be traveling to celebrate with him. The fare is all paid by his mother (my sister-in-law). We are so spoiled. Thanks to my SIL for spoiling us always and for being so good to us. Even though we have misunderstanding and arguments in the past, still you reach out to us. You are a good person, just that there are situations that we are tested and we did not able to handle it well that brings to misunderstanding.

Anyways, I am wishing my nephew a very happy birthday. I pray that you grow up a good boy, responsible person, God-fearing, loving and bubbly. God have given you a wonderful parents. We also pray that you will be safe always and in good health always. You’re two and will not be able to understand our prayers, wishes and hopes that is why I am doing these through sharing it in my blogs. Your journey to wonderful life has just started, treasure every moment of it together with your parents. God bless you always Marllo and you parents. Do not forget to always pray to God for guidance and peace of mind. Happy Birthday again, wish you good health and long live. Love yah!