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All Souls day is one of the days that we visits my late mother at the cemetery. We spend time praying for her, light candles for her, give flowers, and foods for her. It really feels good doing these because we missed her very much. This is the routine that the family do during this time of the year. This is also our way of saying to her that we remember, love and care for her even if she is no longer with us her presence always remains in our hearts and minds. If she is alive, I am pretty sure she would love spending time with her grandchildren.

At the cemetery, we saw my aunt (mother’s younger sister), uncle, cousins, and nephews visited my late mother. It is overwhelming to know that they always remember to visit her during this day. I am so thankful that they spend time to light candles and offers prayers for my beloved mother. Though my cousin and I are not in good terms, still she visits my mother. Thank you very much for your time. Some relatives visits mother yesterday. We did not able to see them because we visited last Sunday (November 1). To all my relatives, thank you for always remember my mother.