Brought a girl at home for the first time

The second eldest brother is not getting any younger. We always tease him to get married before it is too late. Even though we do not know if he has girlfriend or not, we still tease him. Well, it pisses him off but he just laugh at us because he is getting used to it. In a way we are pressuring him, I am not one of those who pressured him because other member of the family pressured me too. Seems like they do not know that getting married is a serious matter. We have to wait for the perfect time and person so we live happily every after.haha!

Anyways, I guess the teasing will be over because yesterday the brother brought a girl at home for the first time. He introduced her to the family as his girlfriend. The teasers mouth are shut up. I am so happy for my brother because he finally found the one he loves. I just hope and pray that their relationship will lead to another level, the marriage level. Looks like I will be the one who will get all the tease in the coming days. I have to prepare myself for this.haha!

I need to find one. Is there anyone available here??? LOL