Thanks God the sister is safe

My sister has suffered my stomach-ache/abdominal for four years now. Her doctor said before that she is suffering my H. Pylori. She has undergone medication but stops when she knew she is pregnant. She got pregnant unexpectedly. It took her years to go back to her doctor. She just endure the abdominal pain. Even if she just ate, she feels the pain. She done research online about her condition and it worsen her fear. She even thought of the worse. I tried to comfort her and make her feel ease but it does not help. I felt pity for her.

The sister undergone endoscopy a month ago. She is positive of H.Pylori. Of course the sister felt really sad. She has to take medicines prescribed by the doctor for a month. I felt sad for her as well, but the same time glad that we know her condition. I really hope that the sister will get/feel better after the medication. Today, the sister went to her doctor for follow-up check up. Her doctor told her that the H.Pylori is negative and she is better now. I am really happy for the sister. And I thank God that she is better and safe now. She can now smile with nothing to worry about.