JC the Sea Turtle

Last week was the Science and Math Fair at my nephew’s school. We are encouraged to join the costume costplay contest. The kids will be wearing animals costumes made of indigenous materials. It was a challenge for us because we have to make costumes for the nephew. First we did is to ask the nephew what animal he likes. We made him decide by showing him some cartoon movies. After re-watching the five movies, the nephew said that he wants the turtle costume from the movie Sammy’s Adventure. Interesting! Next we collect the materials needed and started making the costumes.

The costume that the nephew wore on the day of the Science and Math Fair is nice. It was his father who made it. And I want to applause him for that because it was a great creation for the first timer. Although he likes his costume, it was a torture for him because it is very hot, he can’t sit down without taking it off and his head is sweating. I congratulate my nephew because he survived. One brave kid I must say. Though we did not win, still I am so proud of the nephew because he develops self-confidence.