Your achievement is her achievement too

One of the greatest dream of all parents are to see their kid/s finished college and be successful in their field. It is the best reward that we could give to our parents. This is one of the dreams that my late cousin wants for her children. Unfortunately, she did not able to see her children finishing college because she passed away at early age. But, I am very sure that wherever she is now I am sure that she is very proud of her children for they strive hard to finished college and make their parents proud of them.

Just recently, one of her children passed the Electrical Engineer board examination. He did not just passed it, he is one of the top 10, top 8 to be exact. I really can’t believe that he will go this far knowing that both his parents died. The death of his parents made him to do better, dream big, aim high, and achieve his goals. Lots of opportunities are coming and more to come. I am so proud of him (my cousin’s son, my nephew) for his achievement. I am sure that his parents are very proud of him and happy for him especially his mother. His achievement is her achievement too.