Top 9 in first grading

Last Friday was the awarding of honors for first grading. I was not expecting my nephew to be part of the top 10 but hoping he will. My hope was answered when he called as top 9. Oh yeah, I am so proud of my nephew. Although he is too lazy to study his lessons he is able to show up his skills and intelligence. He is able to compete to his classmates that are came from private school. Even though he is just studying in a project hope during his nursery time, he is able to cope up with the lessons.

Their report card also released and saw the promising grades of my nephew. We will double time in studying and practicing him to write his complete name. But will see to it that he is enjoying every time we study so he won’t get bored. It is a long way to go for my nephew and I hope he will enjoy the student life. Hopefully he will improve better in preparation for the entrance examination in the school where his mother wants him to study. Keep fight nephew. Study hard and soar high. Get the top five place, you still have three gradings left. Again, congratulations!