I wish her good luck

My friend is married for 11 years now. She is blessed with two wonderful kids. She is a full time housewife. She take good care of her family very well. She has thought of working abroad years ago, but her husband is not allowing her. He said he will work hard for his family and provide the needs of the family. They are living the simple and happy life. However, their kids are growing fast. And soon her eldest will enter college. She wants her sons to finished studies till college because she did not able to attend college due to financial issues.

Thinking about the future of her sons and family made my friend decide to push through working abroad. Good thing that her husband said yes. The salary of her husband is not enough for college education of her sons. Her husband think about it and said yes. It is a very difficult decision for her but for the welfare of her family and future of her kids she will do it. Now she is in the agency to do some training. I wish my friend good luck. And I wish that she will succeed and may God bless her always.