Thanks God It’s Saturday

Because of the bad weather, I am not feeling really well.  I have carried it for days.  I can’t rest because of the kids, plus I have to send and fetch the four years old nephew at the school.  Since their nanny left, I babysit them while the sister is looking for a new nanny.  They have been looking for three months now and still haven’t found one.  I do hope that they will find one soon so I won’t get very tired.  Taking care of two and four years old kids is not that easy especially the two years old.

Anyways, I have waited for this day this week because I get to rest and sleep for hours.  Saturday is my rest day.  The sister’s rest day too.  I do not need to take care of her kids because she is here.  I am really glad it’s Saturday because I need to rest and sleep more hours to regain my strength and energy due to flu.  Flu is killing me. I hate being sick that is why I am taking good care of my body, however this bad weather is giving me flu.  I hope that I get better soon because nanny job will resume on Monday.

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