Badly needed a day off

I do not work in the company. I stay at home 24/7 except if I have an important appointment in the city. I take care of the house, my father, and my siblings kids, and the likes. Some says that I am no career woman. And the degree that I have finished is useless because I did not able to practice it. I am hurt but not angry because it is the truth and I respect their opinions. I may not be working in the company but the job that I did at home is no joke. It is tiring too and stressful too. But I am okay with it because this is my choice.

Serving the family is my happiness. Though there are times that I am complaining because I feel they are being insensitive of my feelings. Even if I am just at home, it is tiring too. Doing the same thing over again is stressful. Plus to rest day. I badly needed to unwind, relax and rest even just for a day. I am saying this now because lately I feel so tired. I want to rest and take a day off now. Away from the kids, house chores and etc. I only think of pampering myself. I really hope that I could take a day off this weekend.