Brokenhearted but fine

My brother is in a relationship for almost a year. He met the girl in his city where he is presently working. We have heard so much good things about her through my brother. We have not meet her for real yet. We were excited to meet her personally but our excitement killed because she go back home to her province. Maybe it is not the time yet to meet her. The brother told us that he will be going to his girlfriend’s province to finally meet her family and ask for permission to marry her. We thought that all is doing well.

The brother did not stay long in her province because of his job. They agreed that the girl will be back in the city in a month. We thought that everything went well. We keep on asking the brother of when will be his girlfriend arrived because we are so eager to meet her. Unfortunately, the girl did not contacted him. She is like gone with the wind. I felt so sorry for my brother. I guess that the girl is not sincere or not ready yet to enter in the married life. Yes, my brother is brokenhearted but fine because we comforted him and talk to him that every thing will be all right and he will meet the right girl for him.