My new pet

It has been three years since I lost my first ever pet.  I named my first dog Jasper.  He was a very lovely dog but for some reason, I have to decide what is best for him.  It was a very difficult decision to make because Jasper is part of the family.  He is with the family for eight years.  After losing Jasper, I never thought of getting another pet because I do not want to experience the same problem and force to make a very difficult decision.  A friend asked me If I want a poodle two years ago but I said no.

Two months ago, the same friend asked me if I want a dog.  And I said yes!  I want a new dog to pet in the house.  Having pet is a good stress reliever.  Two weeks ago, she gave to me the dog that she promised.  I named him Almond.  Almond because his mother is Hershey.  They are family of chocolates.LOL  My Almond is mixed breed of Dutchan and Japanese Pitch.  Very cute puppy and playful.  I hope that this puppy will stay longer with us and no serious problem that will make me decide to giving him up like what I did to Jasper.

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